Neon Dark 1

Neon Dark 1 is a dark themed HTML + CSS placeholder template for websites that are under construction.
Template Attributes
Type: Misc
Category: Placeholder
Contains JavaScript: No
Layout: Single Page
Sections: Unspecified
Published: 2024 June 03
Updated: 2024 June 08
About This Template

Neon Dark 1

This HTML + CSS template provides a dark themed placeholder page for websites that are under construction.

The template contains no JavaScript by default nor does it rely on any external libraries. Everything is self-contained and can be deployed with ease.


  1. Download the purchased template and unzip the folder.
  2. Change all the Social/SEO tags to reflect your project. You can also add any flavor text you want.
  3. Copy all the files from the downloaded zip folder to your hosting server.
Template Folder Structure
folder iconcss
file iconmain.css
folder iconicons
file iconfacebook.svg
file iconfavico.jpg
file icontiktok.svg
file icontwitter.svg
file iconyoutube.svg
folder iconimages
file iconunderline.png
folder iconthumbnails
file icon1.jpg
file iconindex.html
file iconmanifest.json
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