LAAS is a clean and simple portfolio template that can be used by any professional looking to display and showcase their work. The color palette can be easily replaced and customized by you.
Template Attributes
Type: Portfolio
Category: Standard
Contains JavaScript: Yes
Layout: Single Page
Sections: Contact, Hero, Metrics, Projects, Services, Testimonials
Published: 2024 June 07
Updated: 2024 June 07
About This Template


This Template was made to be as simple and fast loading as possible while maintaining a great overall design and feel. It is recommended that you change the background color to whichever one suits you to give it a touch of personalization.

The template uses a very small amount of javascript to create a responsive menu for the mobile layout. Some CSS transition features are also included.


Deployment is super easy. Drop the static files as they are into your hosting provider of choice. For a more detailed set of instructions see the following blog article.

Template Folder Structure
folder iconcss
file iconmain.css
folder iconicons
file iconapp.svg
file iconbehance.svg
file iconcode.svg
file iconcontact.svg
file icondesign.svg
file icondiscord.svg
file icondribbble.svg
file iconfacebook.svg
file iconfavico.jpg
file icongithub.svg
file iconmarketing.svg
file iconprojects.svg
file iconquote_mark.svg
file iconservices.svg
file icontestimonials.svg
file icontwitter.svg
file iconwordpress.svg
folder iconimages
file iconavatar_1.png
file iconavatar_2.png
file iconavatar_3.png
file iconavatar_4.png
file iconbirdy-ai.png
file iconproj1.webp
file iconproj2.webp
file iconproj3.webp
file iconproj4.webp
file iconsam_avatar.png
folder iconthumbnails
file icon1.jpg
file icon2.jpg
file iconindex.html
file iconmanifest.json
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