Plexfolio Commercial License

Under the Plexfolio Commercial License, You (the customer) are hereby granted full commercial usage rights for any and all asset(s) you purchase through the Plexfolio platform subject to following restrictions:

1. Each template (along with all of its associated assets) purchased under this license cannot be used by you or anyone you're affiliated with in more than one project.
2. You may not redistribute or resell a template or any of its assets, either direct or indirectly, on other marketplace websites. You are granted the right to resell your purchased item only once to a client or an affiliate of yours.
3. You are allowed to alter, change or customize any purchased item(s) as you see fit. You may however not attribute any of your work or its derivatives to Plexfolio or any of its publishers.
4. Plexfolio reserves the right to issue updates to certain items in its catalogue. You as the customer may or may not be grated access to these updates.
5. You may not extract assets such as icons, images or code from a purchased item for use in multiple projects. By using any single asset for a project you affiliate the purchased item in its entirety with that project (see #1).
6. You may not use any of the assets purchased in the making of logos, branding material or other unique identifiers without significant alterations. Plexfolio is the primary owner of the default assets and cannot be held liable for any trademark infringement if the purchased asset(s) are used for trademarked or marketing materials.
7. Unlawful usage of any of our templates or their assets is strictly prohibited.
8. Plexfolio reserves the right to terminate and revoke the license if the customer is found to be in breach of the agreement.
9. Plexfolio reserves the right to change this license at any time without prior notice.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us using any of our social or customer support channels.