How to deploy a Plexfolio Template

How to deploy a Plexfolio template

Our templates are made to be easy to deploy to both managed as well as self-hosted services.

While the templates differ in content and scope - some might include JavaScript, Server Side scripts or a variety of different external libraries/tools - our intention is to always keep friction low by offering the lowest complexity code-base possible.

For the vast majority of our offerings, the following steps should suffice:


  1. Download the purchased template and unzip the folder.
  2. Change all the Social/SEO tags to reflect your project. You can also add any flavor text you want.
  3. Copy all the files from the downloaded zip folder to your web-root on your hosting server.
  4. Done!

Need more information?

If you find yourself to be in need of more information about your purchased template(s) or the deployment process involved. Feel free to reach out to us using


The Plexfolio Team